Introduction and History

Core Prognostex, Inc. was formed in 2004 in Morristown, New Jersey, USA. The leading founders of this for-profit biotechnology corporation were John A. Olson, Jr., MD, PhD, and Donald E. Hillner, DDS.

The company was created to address the growing opportunity of incorporating biomarker information into the clinical care of patients with cancer, and into cancer research activities. Core Prognostex, Inc. introduced a suite of products which was quickly adopted by the cancer research enterprise to simplify and standardize the acquisition of human tumor specimens.

In 2008, Core Prognostex created a subsidiary company, Biospecimen Procurement Solutions, Inc., whose mission was to develop a second generation, actively temperature-controlled system to further simplify and standardize biospecimen procurement in biomarker-based therapies and research. BPS, Inc. applied for and received grants, including one from HIH National Cancer Institute, to pursue this objective.