How May We Help You?

Do you…

  • need to acquire tissue samples from resected tumors, without compromising the tumor for pathology examination?
  • need to ensure site-to- site tissue acquisition consistency?
  • want someone else to worry about study sample acquisition and shipping logistics, so you can focus on the science?
  • wonder how to economically ship multiple-temperature specimens in the same container?
  • need a plan to acquire, fix, and ship multiple specimens from multiple sites?
  • want your biospecimen collection sites to not have to worry about securing tissue acquisition and preservation supplies?
  • need a proven “patient-to- platform” biospecimen link?

If yes, then Core Prognostex can help you!

For more information, please contact:

Lisa Stafford

908-246- 0764

Pamela Hillner

973-271- 7949