Pro-CORE Kit

The Pro-CORE Kit

provides all of the necessary components to facilitate the acquisition and collection of tissue and blood biospecimens.

The kit also contains the necessary materials to reliably fix these biospecimens and transport them to the analytical laboratory. Components of the kit facilitate procurement of tumor tissue cores in a standardized manner, and transport in appropriate media to the proper service laboratories for reviewing and processing.

The kit provides the complete armamentarium and unique validated thermal packaging to allow the biospecimens to arrive at the laboratory in optimal condition. It includes all necessary items for obtaining and preserving blood samples and the cryogenic requirements for tissue cores.

The Pro-CORE Kit is a dual chamber shipping carton which facilitates the return of both frozen and ambient temperature samples in the same package. It has been validated for shipment of frozen specimens for up to 24 hours, and conforms to all IATA shipping and packing regulations.

Results of this protocol and methodology have been presented at several national meetings, including The San Antonio Breast Cancer Conference, The Society of Surgical Oncology Plenary Sessions, The American College of Surgeons Oncology Group, The United States Breast Cancer Intergroup, and The Society of University Surgeons. In all cases, the findings were greeted with marked enthusiasm and were heralded as having solved a significant logistical hurdle in the development, validation, and implementation of comprehensive biomarkers in clinical oncology.