Specialists in Biospecimen Acquisition

Core Prognostex, Inc. (CPX) is dedicated to providing the cancer research and treatment communities with tools to uniformly obtain, collect, preserve, and ship high-quality tissue and blood samples for cancer research purposes. CPX develops, markets, and distributes high-quality tissue and blood acquisition and shipment systems for the cancer research and treatment communities.


The mission of Core Prognostex, Inc. (CPX) is to provide the cancer research biomedical community with the ability to uniformly obtain and collect, in any clinical setting, high-quality tissue and blood samples from commonly-encountered human tumors for use in diagnostic and biomarker studies. CPX currently supports a critical aspect of clinical cancer biomarker research: the “Patient-to-Platform” link. (See below.) The CPX biospecimen acquisition system is currently employed in numerous cancer research trials where it has improved the reliability and consistency of biospecimen acquisition, fixation, and shipment. The CPX system is a reliably tested alternative to the traditional use of a makeshift array of portable coolers (“six-pack” coolers and ice packs), which offer inconvenient and unreliable temperature control.

To meet the objectives outlined in our mission statement, we plan to develop, market, and distribute tissue acquisition, fixation, shipment systems, and protocols to surgeons, radiologists, oncologists, and researchers in both public and private sector healthcare and biotechnology industries. We further aim to establish this protocol as the standard, or “best practice,” by which all cancer tissue and blood samples will be acquired for assay. The concept of “High Quality Tissue Acquisition Anywhere” will guide our company’s objectives.